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What are day porter services and why are they important?

Before anything, what is a day porter?

A day porter is a person stationed in a commercial building to aid in daily facility duties that are typically cleaning-related. Their daily tasks often include cleaning public areas, including public restrooms.

There are many reasons to need a day porter, and not just that you may need some extra help cleaning your building.

  • They Customize the Job to Your Needs Before hiring a day porter, you should assess your needs. What do you want your day porter to do? These answers often vary, so you can modify the job to fit your company’s needs. Some of the best day porters do more than just routine cleaning. They can help out in areas that the rest of your employees are missing. For instance, maybe you need copies made that are time-consuming, and your day porter has a gap between tasks. Another example is preparing for a meeting. Since the day porter works during the day, they are different from a night crew. They are available on the spot to help out where you need them.

  • Day Porters Have Advantages Over Janitors Day porters offer cleaning services much like janitorial staff, but they don’t usually provide deep cleaning as janitorial services do. They also don’t typically cover the entire building. Janitorial services are also performed after hours when there is low traffic to the building. Janitorial staff can’t aid in urgent tasks during the day, but day porters can.

    • Typical Duties - Day porters vary in their duties, but some everyday tasks include: - Cleaning, inspecting, and disinfecting common areas - Responding to service calls

- Daily litter cleanup - Cleaning of windows and glass doors - Mopping, cleaning, and polishing floors - Vacuuming - Replacing light bulbs - Event set up/post-event cleanup and breakdown

  • Improve Facility Appearance One of the most significant benefits of using day porter services is the constant cleanliness. They can help ensure your facility is clean at all times. This aspect not only helps with the appearance of your work environment but also helps with sanitation. If your property has high foot traffic, you want to ensure regular cleaning and disinfection happens throughout the day. Day porters can come in handy in this respect, cleaning and disinfecting while your employees, tenants, or customers go about their day.

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