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What is Included in an Office Cleaning Services

We know that knowing what is included in the service you are requesting is important. Which is the reason for the blog of today, hopefully answering all your doubts. Although this will obviously depend on the frequency you wish to have your services.

The main things Dove Cleaning Services has to offer:

  • Clean & sanitize phones & workstations

  • Clean surfaces, handles and doorknobs

  • Wipe light switches and door frames

  • Vacuum or sweep/mop floors

  • Empty waste and recycling bins, cleaning and disinfecting where necessary

  • Dusting and wiping computer monitors and keyboards

  • Spot clean windows, glass and any painted surfaces

  • Remove cobwebs and dust light fixtures

  • Cleaning Reception Areas

  • Cleaning Food Preparation Areas

  • Clean Meeting Rooms/Communal Areas

At Dove cleaning Services we offer the option to customize your scope of work to fit the needs your office requires

Call the Pros at Dove Cleaning Services

For more information, call 1(888)457-0707 to speak to one of our professionals to schedule your service.

Dove Cleaning Services
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