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Benefits of Pressure Power Wash

Once the sunshine pokes its head out and temperatures rise, your deck is a perfect place to enjoy warm weather…however… if mold and mildew have turned your deck green with grime, it’s harder to enjoy than it was before. One of the best ways to keep your deck looking perfect is to pressure wash it regularly. Power washing a deck removes built-up mold and mildew, refreshing its surface and helping prevent permanent damage and staining. It may be tempting to do it on your own, but when incorrectly you can either get injured or damage your deck. Be careful to avoid risk by contracting a professional power washing service, trained to safely achieve results without causing damage.

Before diving into the benefits of a deck wash, let’s look at what you might be seeing on your deck:

  • Mold

  • Algae

  • Dirt

Airborne algae find their way to your deck’s surfaces, latch on, and (if left untreated) continue to grow until they leave permanent stains behind. This algae combines with moisture-loving mold and mildew, creating a perfect breeding ground for contaminants to further ruin your deck. Add in the dirt and grime from foot traffic, and it’s easy to see why your deck needs your help to look its best.

To help understand what you can do to keep everything clean and protected, let’s look at the benefits of professional power washing for your deck.

Deck Washing Saves Time and Money

As previously stated, routine maintenance on a deck helps keep it beautiful while extending its lifespan and preventing costly damages. Power washing a deck is far cheaper than the cost of replacing even small portions of your deck. Materials carry the average price of $25 per square foot, and the cost of lumber has skyrocketed due to higher demand in building materials and a bustling housing market. In short, the cost of replacing your deck is the most expensive it has ever been.

Dove Cleaning Services safely and effectively performs:

Power washing wooden decks

Trex deck power washing

Composite deck washing

Power Wash Deck Surfaces Safely

Instead of letting mold and mildew grow uncontrollably, treat your deck to routine maintenance by a professional power washing service. For example, the pros at Perfect Power Wash use a soft wash method designed to combine biodegradable cleansers with safe pressure to ensure the best results for your deck.

Call the Pros at Dove Cleaning Services

For more information, call 1(888)457-0707 to speak to one of our professionals to schedule your service.


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